Passionate About Inspiring Others - See UR Light!

It has always been like this. This is natural to me.

Since I was a little girl, I always made everyone to be inspired about life...made them feel good in their skin, and boosted their self-confidence to be the person they wanted to be.

How the name came about? I simply love life. I am seriously passionate about Life...and certainly, have too many interests. That is probably contagious too. :)


I aim for You to see Your options instead of your challenges, Your possibilities instead of your limitations, and guide You on Your journeys to carry Your Light, wherever Life puts You!


Please be welcomed, You Beautiful Awakening Soul!


Why beautiful and awakening soul? - It is not just my personal preference to acknowledge your true nature but it is also a great need behind all those struggles and urges in us - for longer than we would know it - to explore more in this beautiful world TODAY.

It is our natural right and global calling to realize our own power and go towards our biggest dreams and desires.

Be, who you really are! Finally! Have I already put you off with this talk!? For those of you who wouldn't know what I am talking about, I can show you what do I really mean by this!



Okay, let's take this at a slower pace,

As you can see I am calling myself many things and my services are created under the approach of a HOLISTIC view.

I can't help but I always have been more than just one title. I never knew what to do and always envied those, who could choose only one thing to do for the rest of their lives. I felt ashamed in this society but today I see it in a completely different way...I embraced my holistic view of the world and that makes me feel free and feel happy about myself for the very first time in my life!


My business can't be anything else just ME and my journey.

My journey is essentially and inevitably represents how I am living my life.

This is as simple as that!


On the other hand, the very good news that science slowly but surely seems to back up all those GOOD STUFF that is ready to be embraced instead of the OLD STUFF that is not serving us in life anymore and ready to be let go of!

So let's move on TOGETHER in a new direction!




You and Me are meant to make a change in this world...an everlasting change together! 

I invite you to authentically participate in your spiritual - life journey to explore your challenges, your fears, your dreams, your motivations, and passions, what is that inspire you to go ahead in life, to lose weight, to gain weight, to feel better, to earn better, to have meaningful relationships and even to look like a yummy cupcake. :)

That unique power, that lies within and just waiting for you to make things happen, turning your story into a real, authentic one... you might only dare to dream about yet.



Are you ready for the ride?

I am here to support you on the way to your

success from the INSIDE-OUT!




My services are unique not because this word sounds so lovely and attractive but because this is how it is!

I want you to explore your Truth, where you are now, and how to detox and discard the things, that are no longer do good to you.


My task here is to lead you to find your clues about why you are not in balance, and how to shed the layers of your past self in the most authentic and beneficial way for you, whether if it is on the outside or inside!

I want to share with you everything, that helped me on my journey to find my happy self:

who is motivated, inspired, devoted and who is living the peace within each and every day with a passion for life. I WANT THIS





What else do you need to know

about me before we first meet? 




Let me share with you how it all began...



My Professional background 



At the beginning of my professional journey straight after finishing my studies in journalism, marketing, communication, and PR in 2006, I started to work in Customer Services. During that, I explored being a fashion model. I decided to study fashion styling/image consultancy as well. Later I worked as a Fashion Model Agent/ Booker/ Scout. I was part of the shoot styling team and I was managing fashion social media platforms, arranging castings, scouting new faces, creating content for marketing and advertising.


In 2012 I moved to London to start my life all over again from scratch. My London-years have been spent working in luxury fashion retail. During my 4 years with an ethical luxury fashion label, I fell in love with the company's sustainable philosophy.

I became an ethical fashion enthusiast. Though as I didn't find fulfillment in my daily retail job, I allowed myself to learn as much as possible about personal styling, personal shopping, and fashion merchandising.  While I was still working in luxury fashion retail, expanding the horizons of my spirituality and my worldly life, I practiced different self-healing technics, like Theta Healing and Qigong, and Yogi Yoga, different types of meditations, mantras, and chanting practices.










My past 5 years brought me the so far biggest changes and realizations about myself, my life and my path. Thanks for this rapid transformation, I have developed self-awareness, I learned about self-healing, holistic healing and coaching techniques for self-improvement and self-empowerment, meditation technique for creating peace and abundance, studied natural herbs and cosmetics, gained knowledge on dieting, weight management, body detoxing and nutrition in general. 


On my journey, I am constantly learning how to make everything stress free and how to create the potential out of my misery.

I practiced a lot of self-help techniques along with my big love for compassionate fashion but what really taught me who I am today is called unconditional love

Personal background


Looking back I had many chances and invitations for My rebirth to happen but always diverted myself elsewhere until 6 years ago.


Me as a Twin Flame,    Intuitive Empath and natural psychic


Going back to unconditional love, the biggest teacher of my life. Yes, I met with my Catalyst, who was setting up the stage for my Divine Partner to step into my life and reunite with him. After having a spontaneous kundalini activation, I don't need to tell you, my spiritual evolution turned into a roller coaster - a not fun ride but a truly beautiful metamorphosis. 


As you are a child you hardly understand, what is really going on around you.

Everything, how you grow up, how you think, how you dress, how you behave is the exact copy of what your environment shows and that is totally natural for you.

It was for me too.


My Mom told me, I was always in my own world, preferred to be alone.

I have always known myself as a very active, strongwilled and sparkly person, especially from my teenage years. There was that strange controversy...non-stop.

The point is, that I was so much more sensitive, intuitive than I was consciously aware of at that time. I remember I was labeled many names and even I was surrounded by many people but had very few real friends. 


I felt other people's energy, I knew things that haven't happened yet ahead, I had spontaneous precognitive dreams, very active, vivid and lucid dreaming, natural telepathic connection with almost everyone (Yes I can hear, know and even feel your thoughts and all of you and your energies!), which can get highly overwhelming after a while. 

I felt more connected to somewhere else, than the physical world, I was receiving messages randomly in my mind, I was counseling people without knowing what I was doing at that time and so on.

You can tick off all the possible clues that make a person a natural born psychic.

This means that I had many side effects presenting itself on both the physical and mental level in my life without consciously being aware of them for decades.


After almost 2 decades of neglecting my constant symptoms of sensitivities, I decided to know more about herbs, spices, essential oils, all-natural and pure cosmetics, creams, alternative healing, homeopathic medicine and changing my diet completely, illuminating meat, dairy and all toxic and overly stimulating foods from my life.


Being an amazing and terrible ride at the same time, I am still amazed by my Ascension journey and its blessings. It turned me totally inward from being outwardly focused (forcing myself to stop pleasing others and society).


Both of our transformations happened so quickly and was so intense, that any romantic relationship could have failed under those big life tests, forcing a grown man and woman onto their knees, gaining everyday emotional and spiritual wisdom from within and through surrendering to those mind-fed pains and purging suffering cycles.


As a result, I transformed so much, that I am today following a predominantly raw vegan diet, I am living a mindful and sustainable lifestyle and do, what I always have dreamed of doing.

My actual union with my Divine Partner is under its manifestation as I am writing these lines.


Today I am giving my professional guidance and support for Divine Feminines and Divine Masculines, who seek change, transformation, who are seeking for their own beautiful and powerful self and want to make their dream style, dream look or dream life to happen with a deep love and care towards our Planet and all life it carries!



Crowd Surfing
Engaged Couple

My message to you


The greatest gift you can get from life is the realization, that you are not alone. Lovable. Unique. Individual. Once upon a time Creation. And the Creator. The only "almighty" Creator of your life journey once and forever.


I don't just know that whatever you think or feel, eat or spend your money on is affecting you and your environment in your next living moment but more importantly, each and every moment is another chance to change the creation if you are not satisfied.


Therefore, there is no chance for failure, either to make any mistakes. 

When you release yourself from this illusion, fake reality, completely new perspectives start to show up for you.

As soon as you set yourself free and able to live life effortlessly but responsibly, all your desires, dreams, hopes, plans come to you and you start to live life flawlessly.



I invite you to explore your dormant potentials and lose yourself to be able to be your REAL Self and make you happy on the way, bit by bit.

I can't wait to meet you, YOU Beautiful, Awakening Soul.



My Skills and Professional Courses and Training:


Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Professional Photo, Film, TV, and Personal Stylist 

Theta Healing Basic DNA Practitioner

AfN-Certified Diet Specialist


Intuitive, Clairsentient Empath


Precognitive Clairvoyant 


Psychic Claircognizant 

Psychic Clairaudient