We realized if we want to give all our best to the World, we can not only expose what we are and what we bring on.  Our gathered experiences and knowledge worth to be shared. We have the privilege to know better TODAY and have the support of so many beautiful professionals and people in our lives, who instantly changes us as soon as they step into it.

We decided to spread this, bring this forward, make it available for more and more people, and most importantly to complete this "mission" together, building a beautiful, world-transforming community and network, which is able to sustain itself, nurturing people and protecting nature, our environment.

We invite you to join us, whether you would happily share your own wisdom with others or looking for a transformational journey, in hand in hand with our community.


If you like us already just...

What can the ACADEMY give you?

Spiritual awakening and the fact, that you feel the need to change your whole lifestyle or just a part of your ways, how you approach things to find more fulfillment in life, you find out very quickly, that the bigger and more experienced community you can reach out to, the better and quicker you can improve your life, as a whole.

This Is How Our Story Began

Katinka always felt the need to share her experiences with others and support people, who need her professional guidance in style, adjusting for a healthier lifestyle and spiritual transformation and healing on their paths. 

Although Katinka supported many, she could not reach out to more individuals. In fact, Earth is very big and Katinka is very tiny compared to that, so she had to find a better way to approach her "mission".

What is the "MISSION" all about?


As much as she learned on her spiritual and transformational journey, she could have not simplified it either. She had to put all of that together in a way, that she can touch and reach All out there! The evolutionary shift, what we are so blessed to experience now, gives us the opportunity to be who we really are and do what we really came to do.


A life metamorphosis and even just the smallest changes in life can be highly challenging without the right support system.

She knows from her individual experiences, researching, gathering, hunting all different information, methods, knowledge, wisdom was very overwhelming and tiring at times, especially, when she was in the midst of her self-liberation process. 


The ACADEMY as a holistic approach to Self-transformation


Katinka individually had issues to create a niche for herself, as she went through a thorough transformation and she does not necessarily feel, that because it is trendy in business, shall only have one expertise when indeed all of us playing and juggling many roles and responsibilities in our lives every single day. 

She would like to show a holistic view of Self-transformation, which is inevitably affecting not just her close surroundings but today's society, the future of humanity, and planet Earth if not the whole Universe! What is our focus is to give a professional and fun way of learning new, sustainable skills to maintain a healthier and less-polluting life globally on Earth, to live as a conscious, empowered, beautiful human being, who is successfully unlearning its damaging and parasitic, selfish lifestyle to feel happy, peaceful, mindful, successful and stylish with the right skills, right knowledge and right set of mind to live a truly balanced and prosperous life.


The final goal is to achieve the best version of ourselves!


We are very excited to participate in your greatest journey of All!

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